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Workshop Options | Worship Expedition
Move the needle in your worship ministry with one of these workshops!

Bring in Peter or one of our presenters to help draw out the best in your worship team. You’ll see immediate results-
your team will lead worship more effectively, sing/play/run tech better, and become a more cohesive group.

Worship Expedition

9 Week Course

Our flagship course helps your worship team move significantly forward in just over two months. Each week your team receives fresh online installments that include:
•Instructional videos
•Tutorial videos for voice, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums
•Discussion questions for rehearsals
•And more!
To help your team grow in spiritual depth, musical or technical skill, commitment to Christ and the team, preparation and unity, seriously consider taking this course together. It’s a great way to add new people into your worship ministry and train them as well.

Live Interactive Workshop

Transform your worship team with this interactive workshop!

Your team takes the stage to sing, play, and run tech and our team coaches and provides real time instruction and encouragement. Common topics:

•How to make thorough sound checks quick and painless!
•How to play better as a team
•The essentials for making each instrument sound really good
•Creating dynamic arrangements
•Much more!

Teams grow immensely over the course of this day! Those participating on stage AND those watching (every team member wanting a turn on stage gets a chance) all learn new skills and get better at what they do very quickly. People often describe this live workshop as watching their team transform before their very eyes!

Leading Worship For Response

Essential techniques & tools to ignite passionate worship and grow your team

Stagnant…vibrant…apathetic…alive- which words describe your worship setting? There is a LOT that worship leaders and teams can do to affect that answer, so in this workshop we unpack effective ways to engage people, draw out their passion for Christ AND grow your team of musicians and techs.

We’ll cover purpose, team building, musical dynamics, song flow, creating compelling moments and much more. Whether you’ve led worship for years or are just starting out, you’ll gain some new insights for your ministry. If you want a responsive congregation singing their hearts out instead of a bunch of people staring at screens, this is for you!

Top Tools For Worship

Looking for the best affordable (and free!) tools to upgrade your weekend worship experience, help you seriously save time, and unify & grow your team? We’ll cover essential top tools and apps for:

•Worship prep


•Live sound & in-ear monitoring

•Media presentation, and more.

Want to streamline your worship ministry without breaking the bank? In this seminar you’ll learn about the best tools available to do just that!

Unleash The Most Versatile Instrument In The Band (Keyboard)

Want to play keyboard better in the modern worship setting? There are incredible tools literally at your fingertips today in modern keyboards– but all the options, bells, and whistles can be distracting and overwhelming as well.

Join us as we unpack the handful of essentials for keyboard in modern worship. We’ll cover different kinds of keyboards, virtual instruments, and how to use MainStage 3 in a live setting. The right sound at the right time played the right way can be really powerful and moving.

We’ll also explore the role of keyboard on the worship team, improvisational music fundamentals, good tone choices, tips, tricks, and dynamics.

There will be time for Q&A as well. If you want to take keyboard to the next level of effectiveness in your worship setting, this is for you.

You Can Sing Harmony

Want to sing harmony but it seems a little daunting? Maybe you’ve tried but it’s not quite working?

Learn how a few simple concepts and tools can unlock the secrets of singing harmony. We’ll demystify basic music theory & ear training and help you expand your musical toolkit.

You’ll also have the opportunity to try out these concepts on the spot and sing with others in the workshop. You’ll be more comfortable singing harmony in no time!

Planning Center Interactive Workshop

Wish you could spend WAY less time mired in the details of planning services (scheduling, distributing songs/charts to team members, etc.)?

Good news- there is a much better way! Planning Center is an online solution for service planning and team organization that seriously cuts down your workload and gives team members access to all the info they need (schedule, charts/mp3’s, media).

We’ll dive into the Planning Center Services app online, demonstrate what it can do, and answer your questions. Whether you’re curious, just getting started, or have some experience- join us to learn something new. Come see how this app can free you up to spend more time creating and less time administrating!

Big Church Sound On A Small Church Budget

Does it take piles of money and the latest expensive line array to have fantastic sound at your church? No way!

There are ways to quickly upgrade your sound by leveraging gear you already have and taking advantage of a growing number of budget friendly resources. If your budget has 3 or 4 digits (instead of 5 or 6) and you want great sound at your church, we’ll show you how to make that happen. You will…

• Learn how to better use the sound board you already have (specifically with regards to gain, EQ, compression).
• Learn about the best options for entry-level digital consoles.
• Learn about cost-saving new technology for in-ear monitoring.
• Learn about the best budget-friendly options for system components (speakers, amplifiers, microphones, cables, direct boxes, etc.).

This article will give you a taste of the workshop.

Loops, Enhancement Tracks, and Click in Worship

How To Use Click, Loops, and Stems In Worship

Been thinking of adding loops or enhancement tracks in weekend worship? Maybe having the team (or your drummer) on a metronome? Wondering why in the world you would do that?

Come check out the latest technologies and systems for adding virtual members to your worship team and getting the whole band to lock in together better. Join us for a fascinating look at the amazing tools available to you in worship today and see how you could start using them…this Sunday!

Build A Keyboard Rig For Under $100. Seriously.

That is if you have a Mac. But even if you don’t, come learn how keyboard controllers and software instruments put amazing sounds and options at your fingertips (and aren’t massively heavy to lug around!).

We’ll demo keyboard sounds and talk about where best to apply them in the worship set. We’ll have a bunch of time for Q & A too.

AND we’ll give you a template of essential keyboard patches that you can go out and immediately apply in your worship setting!

If you want to affordably (and yet seriously) upgrade what’s happening with keyboard in your setting, this is for you.

Leverage the Power of MainStage 3

Apple’s MainStage 3 is not only a great tool for using keyboards in modern worship settings, it has many other features that allow your Mac to be used powerfully in live worship settings.

Come learn how MainStage 3 can start and stop audio loops and stems (similar to Ableton Live), control hardware (such as keyboards), put many virtual instruments at your fingertips, and more.  Mac users- come check out this powerful, affordable tool!

Dynamic Arrangements

Want to create stirring moments that move people to worship? Paying attention to song arrangements can help capture and engage your congregation. Join us as we explore practical ideas for building solid arrangements/set lists whether you have one instrument or a full team.

We’ll cover instrumentation, moments, transitions, musical dynamics and tempo, song layout, listening/playing together as a team, and we’ll include time for Q &A.

Worship Team Momentum

Want to ignite worship in your church? Take your worship team to the next level of effectiveness?

Join us as we discuss ways to:

•Lead worship for response and engagement
•Tighten up the worship band (musically and relationally)
•Maximize the people, gear, and resources you already have for worship
•Learn about the latest technologies that churches of any size can use to enhance the worship experience.

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