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Worship Expedition Description | Worship Expedition

Grow Your Team With This 9 Week Course!

Dive into essential concepts and practices of solid, thriving worship teams in this 9 week course. Your whole team walks through this experience together, there’s something for everyone– singers, instrumentalists, and tech team members.

Group Instruction

Watch a short video at rehearsal with your team, discuss it, and then immediately apply what you learned.

Individual Instruction

Individuals on your team learn from instrument video tutorials, devotions, and learning exercises.

Each week, team members receive online access to a combination of:


Weekly devotionals to help you and your team go deeper spiritually and focus on what’s most important.


Coaching on core worship concepts by Peter Neumann and his team to help your group grow to the next level of effectiveness.


Online tutorial videos to help your whole team! Instruction in: vocals, guitars, piano/keyboard, bass, drums, and tech.

At worship team rehearsal, your team discusses the week’s main big idea and puts it into practice. The combination of individual and group exercises will grow your team’s skills, unity, and commitment!

This Course Will Help You:


Add New Team Members

A great way to quickly on-board and train new people without a bunch of extra work! They learn foundational worship principles and how to sing or play their instrument better. They gain skills & confidence, and realize God gifted them to use their talents in this way!


Grow Existing Team Members

You’ve got volunteers that have been around awhile and are pretty good. But they’ve gotten busy, or a little lazy, or have plateaued in their development and they’re not growing a whole lot these days. This course will challenge them to get going again, to take that next step.


Broaden Team Understanding

Wish your musicians and tech people understood each other better? Since your whole crew covers a broad range of foundational topics together, they learn a bunch about what others on the team do, how to support them, and how each role fits into the big picture.


Deepen Your Team Spiritually

We’re often so very busy (the demands of ministry today are calling, right?) that we deplete our souls. We’ll encourage you (and provide some ways for you) to get off the treadmill, slow down a bit, and grow in your relationship with God. Sort of what it’s all about, isn’t it?


Build Team Unity & Commitment

This experience brings your whole team together! As a group and individually, your team learns, practices, discusses, and creates a better future for your worship ministry. It’s amazing what happens when they get on the same page and really pull in the same direction!


Empower Your Team

To take the next step forward, sometimes people just need to know that you really believe they’ll succeed. This course bolsters the confidence and skill of your team members so they grow into the gifts God has given them, taking new steps and flourishing!

What you will learn during Worship Expedition:

Session 1

Born For This: Kick Off and Overview

What is worship all about? You’ll learn what Jesus said is most important and we’ll unpack the steps we’ll take (including essential practices for investing in our spiritual, mental, and musical/technical growth) throughout the Worship Expedition journey. This session sets the stage for the rest of the experience with your worship team.

Session 2

Strong Foundations

Healthy Team Relationships

The music, technology, songs, and even the worship itself all rest on unseen but critically important foundations. We’ll talk about establishing a solid foundation on which to build a ministry team and how to get everyone pulling in the same direction. This session will be focused on developing healthy relationships within the team, bringing out the best in each other, handling conflict, and learning the key questions that every leader and team member needs to ask.

Session 3

Engaging and Alive

Leading Worship For Response: Relational Ministry

Say goodbye to ho-hum, spectator worship! You’ll learn about leading worship in a way that more people respond– there’s a LOT we can do without being manipulative to engage people and draw out their passion for Christ. You’ll learn about a conversational approach, leading from a relational perspective, and loving your congregation well.

Session 4

Houston, We Have A Problem: Making Technology Work For You

Sound System Basics

Sound systems and other tech tools can greatly enhance our worship environments, but also can cause some…drama. The good news is that a few simple steps will help you get the most out your sound system, prevent feedback, and create clear sound. Learn how you can tame technology, make it work for you and get musicians and technicians working happily together!

Session 5

Set List Planning and Song Arranging

Leading Worship For Response

The way you plan your worship set list and song arrangements have a big impact on how the people you are leading respond. A BIG impact. In this session you’ll learn the key components of planning a worship set list for greater response and common pitfalls to avoid. We’ll talk about choosing the right key for a song, the best ways to introduce new songs, the right balance of songs, and creating dynamic song arrangements.

Plus the first round of vocal and instrumental video tutorials!

Session 6

Ministry Vision Alignment

Strong Foundations

In this session you’ll learn about the vital importance of everyone on the team working from the same playbook and pulling in the same direction! So many problems can be avoided if you pay attention to this foundational element of vision alignment. We talk about the difference between mission and vision, how to clarify the vision for your worship ministry, and ways to inspire your team to live out the vision of the ministry.

Plus a fresh round of vocal and instrumental video tutorials!

Session 7

Sound Check

Making Technology Work For You Part 2

In this session you’ll learn how to make sound checks quick and painless; we’ll also talk about how sound techs and musicians can support each other. We’ll share pro tips about running a disciplined, intentional sound check so you get more out of your monitors, house speakers, stage volume, microphone position and handling, musician/tech interaction, and more!

Plus a fresh round of vocal and instrumental video tutorials!

Session 8

Media Presentation

Making Technology Work For You Part 3

In this session we explore media presentation- what you put up on screens can really add to a worship service. Or be distracting! We’ll talk about how to enhance the worship experience, eliminate visual distractions, flow with the moment and be responsive to what’s happening on the platform. We’ll also cover fundamentals of good design for song slides/backgrounds, prepping media for your services, and more.

Plus a fresh round of vocal and instrumental video tutorials!

Session 9

Review and Wrap Up

Course Recap & Bonus Tutorials

At the end of the course we encourage you to review all you’ve learned and to interact with things you may have overlooked (or didn’t have time for). It can take some time for all this information sink in and move from some nice ideas you’ve heard to regular practices you live out every week!

Plus a fresh round of vocal and instrumental video tutorials!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to this course?

Permanently! You can always come back to review what you’ve learned or refresh your memory on a particular topic.

Do I get access to all of the content at once?

This course delivers new “episodes” to you each week with one main concept (or theme) for you to focus on. We don’t send all the content at once because that could be overwhelming. Think of this course sort of like a series of meals- you can only digest so much at a time. For these concepts to sink in and really become part of you, we’ve found it’s best to gradually deliver them over time. You WILL be able look back through any previous week’s material and access ALL of the course once the 9 weeks is completed.

Who on our team should participate?

Everyone involved on your worship team! Leaders, vocalists, instrumentalists, tech crew- you’ll get maximum benefit and forward momentum in your ministry when the whole group participates. Not only will people get better at their particular role or skill, they’ll learn about what others in the ministry contribute and how to be a better team player, so your whole team becomes more united and cohesive. This course is best experienced as a GROUP!

How much time will this take me each week?

You’ll average about an hour per week (10 to 15 minutes per day). Some weeks may be less, some may be more, but on average it will take you roughly an hour to interact with course materials (devotionals, tutorials, etc.).

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