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The fastest way you can move forward is to learn directly from experienced teachers. Our team of experts can come alongside you to
help you get where you want to go and to draw out the potential in those leading and serving within your worship ministries.

There are a number of ways we can do this together:


Your worship & tech team receives on-site coaching and mentoring from Peter (and sometimes his team). Live workshop events can include…

•Worship leading, vocal, instrumental, and tech seminars
•Live coaching– your team plays and receives instant feedback with many practical tips
•Evaluation of your unique tech situation with recommendations for maximizing your gear and setting

Live coaching events are fun! Not scary!! While coaching may seem intimidating to some at first, we work hard to encourage your team and help them relax so they can do their best; they’re usually laughing and having a great time while they learn within minutes. Your team will leave feeling encouraged and with some new tools that they can use this Sunday.

A look at live coaching events with our team:

SKYPE/PHONE CALLS: Distance Is No Barrier

Could your leader(s) benefit from regular mentoring conversations? In our globally connected world it’s pretty easy these days to pick up the phone and talk or communicate via Skype (or Facetime, Google Hangout, or whatever else!). Coaching calls often include…

•Review of worship set videos (filming with a phone camera works fine) with constructive suggestions
•Evaluation of barriers or challenges in the ministry and action steps to address those
•Accountability for agreed upon goals
•Lots of encouragement because…hey, ministry can be tough!

Whether as a follow up to a live event or a standalone option, the regular touch point provided by coaching calls helps worship leaders address all the people/music/tech stuff that comes up week to week in the trenches. I (Peter) have seen regular and one-time coaching calls really help move the needle for worship leaders and teams whether they were around the corner or across the country!


Your worship leaders and team get access to tutorial videos filmed by Peter and his team as part of the Worship Team Expedition program. Video topics include…

•Worship leading, vocals, guitars, piano/keys, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, sound systems, etc.
•Spiritual and leadership foundations to build a solid ministry
•Song tutorials for a range of instruments.

When combined with a live event and coaching calls, the video content is powerful tool for keeping the team moving forward over a sustained period of time.

Vocal Videos

In these looping vocal videos, each part is sung by itself, then the second time other harmonies are added lightly in the background so you can hear the part in context. Practice along with Kalyn to really get the part in your head!

Main Melody
In this looping vocal video, Kalyn sings the main melody line.

Harmony 1
In this looping vocal video, Kalyn sings Harmony line 1.

Harmony 2
In this looping vocal video, Kalyn sings Harmony line 2.

Acoustic Guitar

Grab your acoustic guitar and learn how to play this song with Peter. You can get the chord chard below as well.

Acoustic Guitar Demo

Here’s a demo of the song on acoustic guitar. Grab your guitar and play along with Peter.

Chord Intro
This video unpacks the chords we’ll play in this song, why this song is great in the key of E, and the reason for those earphones that Peter is wearing!

Section Breakdown
Here Peter explains what he was doing rhythmically in each section. The verses, choruses, and end of the song all have unique strum patterns to provide distinction and musical interest. He breaks down the specifics of what happened in each section so that you can learn to play it as well.

Rhythm Practice Intro
In this video Peter preps you to play along with the looping practice video below; there are certain ways to move your right hand that will really help you with the pulse rhythm in this song. This video helps you know how to do it right.

Looping Rhythm Practice
Grab your guitar and play along. This LOOPING practice video helps you work on the main rhythm played throughout this song. Hit play once and you can keep practicing, the video will start over again (with a 4 beat count in).

Bass Guitar Tutorials

Grab your bass guitar and learn how to play this song with Tim. You can get the chord chard in the ‘chord chart’ tab as well.


Bass Guitar Song Demo

Bass Guitar Note Overview
Learn the notes you’ll play in this song. There are only 4!

Bass Guitar Overview
Here’s a roadmap of what you’ll play in the different parts of the song (intro, verse, chorus, etc.)

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