Come lead worship with us.

Learn new skills in an amazing setting.

This could be YOU.

Worship and learn with us.

Develop your God-given potential.

Do you lead worship? Play, sing, or run tech on your worship team?
Come share your gifts in an incredible setting and be mentored by worship veterans!
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2019 Dates TBA

If you’re over 18 and want to seriously grow your musical skills, play for an energetic crowd, make a positive difference, visit another country, and have a once in a lifetime experience…join us for Worship Expedition Mexico!

The Big Picture
Hundreds of students from churches all across the U.S. and Canada gather for this week of ministry and service in Baja California, Mexico. All teams camp in a secure area (with a 24 hour security team) where they have meals and chapels in the morning and evening. They partner with Mexican churches to do outreach programs for kids, sports and prison ministries, community service, construction projects- each team takes on a slightly different ministry and Azusa Pacific University facilitates the week.

Our team’s role is to lead worship and encourage the students; during the day our team prepares music for upcoming chapels and does some training. It is an AMAZING week of ministry, relationship building, and watching God work. This ministry has changed my life and is a large reason why I’m in full time ministry today. This very likely could be your favorite week this year:) I hope you can join us! For a look at previous trips check out the video above or the links below.

This week-long intensive in worship and music gives you immediate real life application. Not just theory in a classroom– this is learning and then walking right out on stage and doing it!

Your Opportunity
Picture yourself playing music outdoors with fantastic musicians on stage in front of that pumped crowd of students. When the worship set is done and the campers head out to ministry sites, our team gets together and you receive personal musical or technical instruction from a professional musician. Then we grab lunch, maybe take a nap, and then talk music again; that evening you’re taking notes as the pro you’re paired with plays the set or runs sound/video. Afterwards you compare notes to prep you for the next time you play.

Throughout the week you are mentored by a pro with lots of experience; you learn a ton, get to play music or do production in an amazing environment, and take major steps forward in your musicianship. So cool, yes?!

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, read on. Got more questions? Please feel free to call or email me.

Dates/Schedule: 2019 Dates TBA

Day 1 (Thursday): travel to San Diego from wherever you’re coming from.

Day 2 (Friday): rehearse at a church in San Diego and bond as a team.

Day 3 (Saturday): we help set up the sound system, sound check and play for the first chapel on Saturday night.

Days 4-8 (Sunday through Thursday): we play for morning and evening chapels

Day 9 (Friday): we drive out of Mexico.

Travel Options:
1. Travel with your church and we’ll meet up with you in camp. This is a great option if your church is already coming on this outreach.

2. Travel with our team from Sacramento, CA area. We’ll leave the Sacramento area Day 1 at 6am and head south.

3. Meet up with our team in the San Diego area (fly or drive in).

The Veteran Team
Our veteran team led includes musicians and techs that have decades of experience in local church worship AND over 70 Mexico Outreach trips between us. I coach worship leaders and keyboardists and our other team members teach and encourage those who sing, play acoustic and electric guitar, drums, bass guitar, and audio production.

Our team not only has the experience, they have a massive heart for God and serving His people. You’ll experience mentoring, teaching, and equipping like you have rarely seen.

For those nervous about safety in Mexico…the communities and churches we partner with are in a zone where it’s just as safe as it has been for the many years that I have been going. The camp we stay in is secure, there have been no incidents with the thousands of people who have gone on this outreach in recent years, I could go on and on with facts and statistics…bottom line- I have taken my pregnant wife with full confidence on this trip and would do so again. If you (or your loved ones) have concerns, I’ll be glad to address any questions.

Some of our instructors and team members:

Peter Neumann – Worship Leading, Keyboards
Peter leads musical worship at his home church and teaches clinics for conferences and churches around North America. He’s led worship with Lincoln Brewster and Jason Ingram, released 6 CD’s & a live worship DVD, and toured with Tommy Walker. In 2015 he launched Worship Expedition, a training ministry for worship leaders and teams. He’s married to Katie and they have two young boys Ryan and Andrew.

Emily Mankarios – Vocals
Emily has a vocal performance music degree from William Jessup University where she sang in their award winning groups (University Choir & Orchestra and touring ensemble Crossroads); she’s sung on a number of studio recordings, leads worship at churches, conferences, and retreats and leads worship at her local church. She’s been vocal coaching on the Worship Expedition team for the last three years and teaches voice at the Bayside Thrive Arts Academy in Roseville, CA. Her passion for helping singers and her sweet spirit of worship shine through when she teaches and sings. She and her husband Alex call Rocklin, CA home.

Alex Chaney – Guitars
Alex Chaney practices like 5 hours a day, loves God, and is a positive, encouraging person to hang with. He has a guitar performance degree from William Jessup University, plays in front of thousands each week at Bayside Church campuses in the Roseville, CA area, and teaches guitar students in the Thrive Arts Academy. He has played on a bunch of recordings, toured the world, and has a passion for helping worship team guitarists grow. You will not want to miss the opportunity to hang with Alex and learn in depth about all things guitar!

Jake Sandberg – Bass Guitar, Audio Engineering
While earning his commercial music degree from William Jessup University, Jake has helped engineer recordings at the famed Skywalker Ranch studios for the school’s award winning University Choir and Orchestra (for which he co-leads the tech team); he coaches student engineers at Jessup Studios, has played/worked on a bunch of recordings, toured the world, and has a passion for helping worship team bassists and sound techs grow.

Something new this year- we’ll have a rehearsal day before we roll into Mexico. And then we’ll have plenty of time to rehearse and talk shop in Mexico between chapels. We’ll provide links to song charts and mp3s in advance so you can familiarize yourself with the music.

If you play drums, you’ll play our house kit. Also, we’ll have a keyboard for those that play keys. All other instrumentalists- bring your instruments/amps/pedal boards.

We’ll take an RV, mini-van down, and perhaps some other vehicles down and back with us. The RV has plenty of space for all our gear. Road trip!!

We’ll be staying in a house on the APU compound; you’ll need a sleeping bag and pillow (you can bring sheets if you want- we’re on bunk beds). All meals will be provided in camp, we will eat well.  They have a full time medical staff in camp as well, so should any medical needs arise (unlikely) that is comforting as well. Clothes- basically t-shirts, jeans and sweatshirts in layers is what I bring (detailed packing list in the packet below).

Financial Investment- Partial Scholarships Available
The investment ranges from $449 to $799 depending on a variety of factors (travel plans, housing needs, etc.) and covers the specialized training you’ll receive, necessary group gear for leading worship in an outdoor setting, accommodations in Cuernavaca and meals (you may need to separately register with Azusa Pacific as a camp staffer as well).

It’s a steal for what you get! The training alone (over 40 hours between chapels, group instruction, and personal instruction) would run well over $1000 with these instructors if you took private lessons. Most people in camp pay a similar amount to come with their church group and DON’T get to play on stage or receive this kind of instruction and personalized attention.

•Your investment of $799 covers the following:
•Travel to and from the United States (from San Diego or Sacramento, CA) with our instructor team
•Housing in San Diego for our rehearsal days
•Itinerary customization if needed (picking you up along the travel route, for instance)
•Meals while in transit to and from Mexico
•Participate on the worship or tech team leading in base camp
•Specialized instruction from an experienced mentor in your desired area of expertise
•Group gear needed for leading worship in an outdoor setting
•Accommodations in staff housing at camp in Cuernavaca
•Access to worship training materials during and after the trip

•Your investment of $549 covers the following:
•Participate on the worship or tech team leading in base camp
•Specialized instruction from an experienced mentor in your desired area of expertise
•Group gear needed for leading worship in an outdoor setting
•Accommodations in staff housing at camp in Cuernavaca
•Access to worship training materials during and after the trip
•With this option you travel with your church team to Mexicali base camp, then join our team there

•Your investment of $449 covers the following:
•Participate on the worship or tech team leading in base camp
•Specialized instruction from an experienced mentor in your desired area of expertise
•Group gear needed for leading worship in an outdoor setting
•With this option you travel with your church and stay with them in base camp, joining our team during training and worship times

This option is perfect if you’re already coming with your church or school and are serving at the ministry site with them. You can hang with us for a day or part of a day– whatever works best with your team’s schedule. This way you can serve on your team AND grow your skills in worship.

•Your investment of $99 covers the following:
•Participate on the worship or tech team leading in base camp for one morning, evening, or full day (both morning and evening)
•Receive specialized instruction from an experienced mentor in your desired area of expertise
•Use your instrument or ours (guitars, keyboards, drums, etc.)
•Take a lesson from a pro and apply it on the spot during chapel worship times in camp!

Partial scholarships are available; contact me if you want to talk more about that. Don’t let money be a barrier!

More Info
You can find out more about Azusa’s ministry at and learn more of what it’s all about. It’s a major outreach that’s been happening for over 40 years. I’ve been involved for many years and have gone on over 50 trips with them.

Bring your passport, you’ll need it at the border. If you don’t have one, it’s not too late! I know a last minute way to get a passport if the information here makes you wonder if you can still get one before the trip. Make a copy of your passport and bring that on the trip as well, as a backup. There is a release form that you’ll need to fill out and eventually you’ll need to visit and register on their site. I’m glad to provide you more information on that if you are serious about going. Also please download and read our team guidelines; basic stuff, but I like to communicate expectations in advance so that we have happy, healthy team interaction.

More Info and Application
Download the packet below for more information and an application to join our team.

Those are the basic details. I’m glad to answer any other questions you may have. If you’re ready to take a step like this, please contact me and we’ll get you registered and ready for the week of your life!

Peter Neumann

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